Anniversary gifts by year

1st Year: Paper 20th Year: China
2nd Year: Cotton 25th Year:  Silver
3rd Year: Leather 30th Year:  Pearl
4th Year: Fruit & Flowers, or Linen & Silk 35th Year:  Coral
5th Year: Wood 40th Year:  Ruby
6th Year: Iron / Candy 45th Year: Sapphire
7th Year: Wool / Copper 50th Year: Gold
9th Year: Pottery 55th Year: Emerald
10th Year: Tin / Aluminium 60th Year: Diamond
11th Year: Steel
12th Year: Silk
13th Year: Lace
14th Year: Ivory (no longer ethical).
Chose something in the colour ivory or modern alternative: gold jewellery
15th Year: Crystal

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